Silicone Flame Retardants

organo-layered silicate with the ability to incorporate polymers between the layer structures by intercalation or exfoliation. They do not act as flame retardants on their own, but may, together with other flame retardants, enhance the charring and reduce the heat release of the polymer. The only commercial application to date is the cable sector.

NameCAS No.Chemical nameFeature
POSS/Polyhedral Oligomeric
POSS Flame Retardant Is A Silsesquioxane With Excellent Heat Resistance,
Hydrolysis And Weather Resistance.
//Nano siliconeNano-Silicone Is A New Type Of Flame Retardant Treated By Ultra-Fine Nano
Surface Treatment. Excellent Heat, Flame, and Hydrolysis Resistance. Recommended For PC, PC/ABS.

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