Additives for Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin belongs to general-purpose polymer.  Epoxy resin‘s application includes metal coatings, electrical insulators, plastic materials, and structural adhesives.

Antioxidant for epoxy resin

The antioxidant is not always needed for epoxy resins, antioxidant DHOP which CAS NO 80584-86-7 could be used Anti-oxidising additive for EP.

UV Additive for epoxy resin

HALS 292 is recommended for using in epoxy resin. for further photodegradation protection, UV 384-2 or HALS 123 could be used together with 292.


Flame Retardant for Epoxy Resin

Combustion could occur when a substance is heated to its flammable temperature in the presence of oxygen. Flame retardants are generally designed to provide a particular level of resistance to ignition or flame spread. This is achieved by suppressing oxygen availability, building up of char at the surface, inhibiting the combustion reaction within the flame area, or by other mechanics.

Halogen Flame Retardants for epoxy resin

BX FR DBDPEantimony trioxide can be used as a halogen flame retardant for epoxy resin.

Halogen-free Flame Retardants for epoxy resin

For halogen-free flame retardants for polyurethane, APP, and aluminium hydroxide can be used as non-flame retardants for epoxy resin.