Pigment Red 177


Pigment Red 177 is a halogen-free blue shade pigment red, has good transparency, and is compatible with molybdenum-chromium red to obtain bright red color, and has good light resistance and weather resistance.

PR177 has good heat resistance, 270 to 280 °C in PE, and heat resistance is significantly reduced when the pigment concentration is less than 0.1%.  It is suitable for general polyolefin plastic coloring, bleeding resistance is not good in soft PVC, also suitable for polypropylene, nylon 6 fiber pre-spinning.

PR177 is excellent in light and weather resistance, high in transparency, and widely used in automotive paint motorcycle paint.


Chemical parameter
The index numberPR-177
CAS number4051-63-2
CI structure number65300
EC registration number223-754-4
Chemical categoryMoss
HueBlu-ray red
Molecular mass444
Molecular formulaC28H16N2〇4
Pigment performance
Heat resistance300°C
LightfastnessLevel 8
Acid resistanceLevel 5
Alkali resistanceLevel 5
Oil absorption45
Solvent resistanceLevel 5
Migration resistanceLevel 5
OcclusionHighly transparent
Halogen content (%o)0


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