Calcium Stearate


Calcium Stearate is widely used as an acid absorbent and lubricant in different plastics like PVC, PP, PE. Used in petrochemical and also plastic compounding. It is widely used in CSB as well.

Formula: C36H70CaO4

CAS NO.:1592-23-0

synonyms: CEASIT SW/PA Baerlocher, Calcium Stearate SW/DW/WLC FACI


Product NameCalcium StearateGradePetrochemical Grade
AppearanceWhite Powder
Melt point (℃)146~ 155
Calcium (%)6.8~7.2
Free Fatty Acid(%)≤0.5
Moisture (%)≤3.0
Iodine Value (%)≤0.5
Fineness(mesh)325 mesh (99% passed)
Pb ( %/ppm)< 10
Fe ( %/ppm)< 10



PVC: When applied in PVC, cooperates with zinc stearate used as a non-toxic stabilizer, and cooperate with organic Tin used as an auxiliary heat stabilizer and inner lubricant.
PE and PP: Used as acid absorbent and lubricant.
PA: Used as a lubricant.
Latex and Rubber: Used as parting agent and lubricant.
SMB-BMC: Used as lubricant and release agent.
Plastic masterbatch: Used as a dispersing agent.


Calcium Stearate is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product, good biodegradable, and approved for application in food indirect contact packaging materials.


25kg/bag, 500kg/pallet, 40 pallets, and 20 tons in total (40ft container)


It is recommended to store the product in a dry place at 25℃ max, avoiding direct sunlight and rain (this product has strong hygroscopicity). Prolonged storage over 60℃ can cause some lump. It is

not dangerous, according to the general chemicals for transport, and storage. Should remain within the specification limits at least two years after production, provided it is properly stored.


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