Pigment Yellow 192

Pigment Yellow 192 is a heterocyclic high-grade organic pigment with heat resistance up to 300 °C and good migration resistance. It is suitable for coloring engineering plastics, especially nylon and polyester fibers.

PY192 is reddish yellow pigment. The light resistance is 7-8 degree in the 1/25 standard depth nylon 6, but it is 1/3 standard depth colored nylon 6 with 1% titanium dioxide, and the light resistance is 7 grade.

It is mainly used in engineering plastics, polyamide raw paste coloring, with no color change occurs in polyester fiber. Yellow 192 is used for nylon 6 heat resistance up to 300 °C, especially suitable for nylon 6 and nylon 66 coloring.


Chemical parameter
The index numberPY-192
CAS number56279-27-7
CI structure number507300
Chemical categoryHeterocyclic
HueDark red light yellow
Molecular mass326.31
Molecular formulaCl9Hl0N4〇2
Pigment performance
Heat resistance300°C