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Auxiliary Antioxidant – phosphites, thioesters antioxidant

Auxiliary antioxidant, which synonym name is a secondary antioxidant, react with hydroperoxides to produce non-radical products and are therefore often termed ‘hydroperoxide decomposers. They differ from primary phenols and amines in that they are decomposed by reaction with the hydroperoxide, rather than containing it.

Auxiliary antioxidants contains phosphites, thioesters groups. They are particularly useful in synergistic combinations with primary antioxidants.

Name CAS No. Features
Auxiliary Phosphite
BX 168 31570-04-4 hydrolytically stable phosphite, most widely used
BX 626 26741-53-7 high-performance phosphite antioxidant for engineering plastics
Auxiliary Thioester
BX 1726 110675-26-8 for adhesives, elastomers and related products
BX 412s 29598-76-3 sulfur ester AO, higher stability than dltp/dstp
BX DLTDP 123-28-4 thioester AO with low melting point, for polyolefin, PS, ABS
BX DSTDP 693-36-7 thioester AO with low melting point, for polyolefin, PS, ABS
BX PDP 80584-86-7 liquid phosphite antioxidant for many dispersed polymer

BASF, Songwon, Addivant and
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BASF Songwon Addivant&Chemtura Other
BX 1010 Irganox 1010 Songnox 1010 Anox 20
BX 1024 Irganox MD 1024 Songnox 1024 Lowinox MD24
BX 1035 Irganox 1035 Songnox 1035 Anox 70
BX 1076 Irganox 1076 Songnox 1076 Anox PP18
BX 1098 Irganox 1098 Songnox 1098 Lowinox HD-98
BX 1135 Irganox 1135 Songnox 1135 Naugard PS48 (liq)
BX 1411 Irganox B 1411 Songnox 311B Anox BB 1411
BX 1412 Irganox B 1412 Songnox 321B Anox BB 1412
BX 1520 Irganox 1520
BX 168 Irgafos 168 Songnox 1680 Alkanox 240
BX 1726 Irganox 1726
BX 1790 Irganox 1790 Songnox 1790 Lowinox 1790 Cyasorb 1790
BX 215 Irganox B 215 Songnox 21B Anox BB 021
BX 2246 Irganox 2246 Songnox 2246 Lowinox 22M46
BX 225 Irganox B 225 Songnox 11B Anox BB 011
BX 245 Irganox 245 Songnox 2450 Lowinox GP-45
BX 3114 Irganox 3114 Songnox 3114 Anox IC-14
BX 330 Irganox 1330 (330) Songnox 1330 Anox 330
BX 412s Irganox 412s Songnox 4120 Lowinox 412s
BX 445 Naugard 445
BX 5057 Irganox 5057 Songnox L570 Naugard PS30
BX 565 Irganox 565 Songnox 5650
BX 626 Irgafos 126 Songnox 626 Ultranox 626
BX 697 Irganox 697 Naugard XL-1
BX 702 Ethanox 702
BX 900 Irganox B 900 Songnox 417B Anox BB 140
BX CPL Lowinox CPL Wingstay L
BX DLTDP Irganox PS 800 Songnox DLTDP Naugard DLTDP
BX DSTDP Irganox PS 802 Songnox DSTDP Naugard DSTDP
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