Flame Retardant additive for TPE 


Flame Retardant additive for TPE FR TPE V0 is a nitrogen/ phosphorus halogen free nontoxic, stable flame retardant, FR TPE V0 is mainly used for thermoplastic elastomer(TPE cable, TPU cable), also be use for polyester (PBT, PET), nylon(PA6, PA66. FR TPE V0 could use separately, also could use together with another halogen-free flame retardant to reach better effect and mechanics, and electrical performance, works with MCA, its cable could pass the UL1581 VW 1 test; meets RoHS requirement, its product has a smooth surface, without PH, good extraction resistance, water resistance, immigration resistance, superior electrical performance



Flame Retardant additive for TPE FR TPE V0 is Designed for TPE Communication cables, Computer wires, Cell phone charging lines, Earphone wires, Automotive wires, etc.


AppearanceWhite powder
Density  g/cm3~1.2
Bulk density g/cm3~0.35
Nitrogen content %23~24
Phosphorus content%/
Decompose temperature℃≥350
Water content%≤0.2
average particle size μm≤3


Package and Storage:

25kg/package. Transported as common chemicals. Keep in dry, cool place and avoid direct sunlight.