BX FR 2025


Product Name : Potassium nonafluoro-1-butanesulfonate, Potassium Perfluorobutane Sulfonate

Equivalent Name: 3M 2025

Cas No. : 29420-49-3


Flame Retardant Additive KFBS is chemically and thermally stable to temperatures greater than 450°C and is therefore suitable for use in engineering resins that require high processing temperatures. The flame retardant additive has been found an effective flame retardant in polycarbonate at levels as low as 0.06-0.08% by weight. Due to the low levels required to achieve performance and its effective solubility in polycarbonate, additive can be formulated to produce an optically clear, haze-free grade of polycarbonate for extrusion and molding.

Typical Properties

Appearance: White powder
C4F9SO3 K+H-C4F8SO3K (IC) ≥99.0%
HC4F8SO3 K(IC ) ≤1.0%
H2O(KF) ≤0.05%
F – (ppm)(IC ) ≤100
SO 4 2- (ppm)(IC ) ≤30
Fe(ppm)(AAS) ≤5
Na(ppm)(AAS) ≤10
Ca(ppm)(AAS) ≤10
pH(5%water solution) 5.5-7


25KG Double-layer kraft paper drum


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