Antistatic Atmer 163


Chemical Group: Ethylamine oxide

Active substance content (%): ≥97

Amine value (KOHmg/g): 190±10

Volatile component (%): ≤0.5

Titration point (℃): -5-2

Equivalent to: Croda Atmer 163

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

Product Information

BX ATA 163 is derived from vegetable oil, is a non-ionic internal additive antistatic agent, widely used in various polyethylene, polypropylene film, sheet and ABS, PS plastic products, fast migration, mixed with BX ATA 129 in the ratio of 1:2, the antistatic effect is better, BX ATA 163 because of excellent product color, it will not affect the transparency and mechanical properties of the final product, also it can be used as dispersant alone. At the same time, it can reduce the activity of polymer particles in the process of polyolefin polymerization, prevent the polymer from sticking to the wall and caking, and play an important role in stabilizing the process and safe


This product is non-toxic and tasteless, and can be used in packaging materials that contact with food.


Polyolefin sheet 0.5–1.0

Polyolefin film 0.2–0.5

PS 2.0–4.0

ABS 1.5–3.0

PVC 1.0–2.5


Packed in standard iron drums, net weight 180KG; packed in 50KG plastic drums.


It is recommended to store this product in a dry area below 25℃, avoid direct sunlight, rain, and invert. Over 60℃ or an extended storage period may cause discoloration. This product is a non-dangerous product and can be transported and stored as a general chemical. Usually avoid direct contact during operation, if splashed on the skin, just rinse with water. It can be stored for at least one year under limited storage conditions after production.