Antioxidant Blend


Antioxidant Blend Introduction

Antioxidant Blend, an antioxidant compound, is added to produce synergistic effects. As the third category of antioxidants, it is a blend of primary and auxiliary.

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Antioxidant Blend Products

Table 1 Baoux chemical antioxidant blends

BX AO 215Irganox B 215AT 215/21BRegular AO Blend
BX AO 225Irganox B 225AT 225/11BRegular AO Blend
BX AO 900Irganox B 900AT 900/41BRegular AO Blend
BX AO 815/ANOX NDB 815
Ablend s2215
Special AO Blend for PP, PE, PBT
BX AO 817/ANOX NDB 817
Ablend s2225
Special AO Blend for PP, PE, PBT
BX AO 1411Irganox B 1411Songnox 311BSpecial AO Blend
BX AO 1412Irganox B 1412Songnox 321BSpecial AO Blend
BX AO 561irganox B 561Regular AO Blend




BASF and Baoxu Chemical Antioxidant Compare

Table 2 basf and baoxu antioxidants compare table
BX 1010Irganox 1010Songnox 1010Anox 20
BX 1024Irganox MD 1024Songnox 1024Lowinox MD24
BX 1035Irganox 1035Songnox 1035Anox 70
BX 1076Irganox 1076Songnox 1076Anox PP18
BX 1098Irganox 1098Songnox 1098Lowinox HD-98
BX 1135Irganox 1135Songnox 1135Naugard PS48 (liq)
BX 1411Irganox B 1411Songnox 311BAnox BB 1411
BX 1412Irganox B 1412Songnox 321BAnox BB 1412
BX 1520Irganox 1520
BX 168Irgafos 168Songnox 1680Alkanox 240
BX 1726Irganox 1726
BX 1790Irganox 1790Songnox 1790Lowinox 1790Cyasorb 1790
BX 215Irganox B 215Songnox 21BAnox BB 021
BX 2246Irganox 2246Songnox 2246Lowinox 22M46
BX 225Irganox B 225Songnox 11BAnox BB 011
BX 245Irganox 245Songnox 2450Lowinox GP-45
BX 3114Irganox 3114Songnox 3114Anox IC-14
BX 330Irganox 1330 (330)Songnox 1330Anox 330
BX 412sIrganox 412sSongnox 4120Lowinox 412s
BX 445Naugard 445
BX 5057Irganox 5057Songnox L570Naugard PS30
BX 565Irganox 565Songnox 5650
BX 626Irgafos 126Songnox 626Ultranox 626
BX 697Irganox 697Naugard XL-1
BX 702Ethanox 702
BX 900Irganox B 900Songnox 417BAnox BB 140
BX CPLLowinox CPLWingstay L
BX DLTDPIrganox PS 800Songnox DLTDPNaugard DLTDP
BX DSTDPIrganox PS 802Songnox DSTDPNaugard DSTDP



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