UV 312, Tinuvin 312

Chemical Name:


Formula C18H20N2O3  
Molecular Weight 312
CAS# 23949-66-8

Physical Properties:

Appearance White crystalline powder
Melting Point 124-127 ℃
Ash ≤0.1%
Loss On Drying ≤0.5%
Purity ≥98%(HPLC)
Transmittance 460 nm≥95%   500 nm≥97%


UV 312 has a low volatility and good thermal stability. It is particularly effective for short-wavelength UV light. Therefore, Tinuvin 312 is often used as a stabilizer in whitening agents and UV light curing systems. Recommended for PA, PC, PVC, PU, and PET/PBT resins.

Handing and safety:

>For additional handing and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


25KG plastic drum or 200KG iron drum.


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