PFAS Free PPA S100

PPA Introduction

Polymer Processing Aids are free-flowing additives made of modified fluoro-elastomer which improve the processing of polyolefin resin at very low levels of usage. BX Polymer Processing Aids are coated at the inside of the die wall and decrease the friction between melted resin and the die wall.



BX PPA S100 is non-fluorinated processing aid with PE as the carrier, and with long-chain alkyl-modified siloxane with polar functional groups as the function part, which utilizes the excellent initial lubrication effect of polysiloxane and the polarity of modified groups. During processing, it can migrate to the processing equipment and produce effects, thereby effectively improving resin fluidity and processability by adding a small amount, reducing die buildup during extrusion, and improving shark skin phenomenon, widely used to improve the lubricity and surface characteristics of plastic extrusion.

BX PPA S100 is the latest PFAS Free PPAs, without fluoropolymers.(Click to learn PFAS).


BX PPA S100 Specifications

Appearance Milk white pellet
Carrier LDPE
Dosage % 0.5~10%
MI(190℃,2.16kg) g/10min 2 ~ 10
Bulk Density g/cm 3 0.45 ~ 0.65
Moisture Content  PPM <600



BX PPA S100 Can be applied to the preparation of PE film, reducing the friction coefficient of the film surface, improving the smoothness effect, and not affecting the appearance and printing of the film due to precipitation; It can replace fluoropolymers PPA products, effectively improve resin flowability and processability, reduce die buildup during extrusion, and improve the shark skin phenomenon.






PPA dispersion in the resin is critical to the performance. The recommended process is to add PPA via 0.5% to 5% masterbatch.


– Improve film surface quality by eliminating melt fracture.
– Shorten downtime by reducing die build-up.
– Improve pigment dispersion.
– Increase output and energy saving.
– Improve processability of Low MI resins.

Shelf life:

2 years, below 30℃, avoid extensive humidity and light


Net 25kg, per carton



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