Lubricants are a kind of additive used to improve the processing and appearance of polymers. The function of lubricants is to reduce friction, improve fluidity and mold release during resin or compound processing, and increase the surface smoothness of products.

Lubricants for plastics normally used are listed in the table below, different categories are recommended in different applications. Please click on the link below to jump to the product page, for general inquiry or technical questions,please mail to [email protected] or chat with our online sales.

CategoryProductsEquivalent toOriginal
WaxPE Wax, PP WaxBASF, Clariant, HoneywellChina
Fatty AcidsEBS, PETSKAO, LonzaChina
Esters AmidesErucamide, OleamideCrodaChina
Metal SoapCast, Znst, MgstFACIChina
Silicon MasterbatchSilicon MBDOW CORNINGChina
Silicon FluidSilicon OilDOW CORNINGChina

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