Nucleating(Clarifying) Agent for Polypropylene

Introduction – What is Nucleating Agent

Nucleating agents also known as clarifying agents (clarifiers), improve the crystallization of semi-crystalline polymers. Which results in the improvement of

(1) Stiffness

(2) Higher HDT

(3) Shorter cycle time

(4) Lower haze and better clarity

Nucleating agents are mainly used in PP, polyesters like PBT, PET, and nylon, mainly used in the petrochemical industry.


Nucleating agent Compare Table


Nucleating Agent

BX NA 3988Millad 3988//
BX NA 20Hyperform HPN 20E//
BX NA 900Hyperform HPN 900ei//
BX NA 11/Stab NA 11
BX NA 21/Stab NA 21
BX NA 102//Licomont CaV 102

Nucleating agent for polypropylene(PP) & polyethylene(PE)

PPA itemMelt RangeBulk DensityProduct formApplication
BX NA 3988≥255/White powderPP
BX NA 11≥400/White powderPP
BX NA 21≥210/White powderPP, PET, PBT, PA
BX NA 20White powderPP
BX NA 900

Nucleating agent for Nylon(PA6/PA66)

Baoxu also offers nucleating agents for nylon, equivalents of Clariant Licomont CAV 102 and 101, name is BX NA 101, BX NA 102.


20kg/Carton, 500kgs per pallet.


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