BX IM 330 Impact Modifier


BX IM 330 is a high-efficiency, low-temperature impact-resistant, weather-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant impact modifier, and has a certain flame-retardant synergistic function, especially suitable for PC, PC/ABS products used outdoors.

BX IM 330 is Equal to Mitsubishi S-2501, Send an inquiry to check the comparison test.


cold resistance, weather resistance, high impact resistance, and flame retardant synergy.
Structural features: core-shell structure, core: silicone/acrylate, shell: methyl methacrylate.


It has good impact performance and has weather resistance, acid, and alkali resistance. BX IM 330 is more stable, and the outdoor service life will be longer. Such as high-end mobile phone casings, charger casings, computer casings, outdoor door handles, office equipment, etc. In different product systems, it is recommended to add: 3-6%

Typical Properties

Appearance: white powder
Heat resistance: 305°C (3%)
Hydrolysis resistance: excellent
Low temperature resistance: -30℃–32KJ/M² (5%Add)
Density: 0.97g/cm³


25kg per bag.

Handling and storage

BX IM 230 shall be stocked In a ventilated and dry environment, the shelf life is two years. 20 kg/ bag. Conditions of transport for non-hazardous products.

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