BX NA 20 Nucleating Agent


Chemical name: Clarifying agent BX NA 20

Synonym: Milliken Hyperform HPN 20E

CAS Registry Number 491589-22-1
Chemical Formula C8H10CaO4
Molecular Weight 210.24100


  1. Improve the warpage and shrinkage of polypropylene products;
  2. increase the flexural modulus (rigidity) of polypropylene products;
  3. increase the end temperature of polypropylene products and improve the processing performance of polypropylene.


Appearance White powder

loss on heating 1% max

Ash content 21-23% max

Particle size D97 10% max


BX NA 20 is a compound product of a stiffening nucleating agent, the main component is calcium salt of hexahydrophthalate, which can significantly improve the crystal morphology and macroscopic mechanical properties of polypropylene, and endow the product with good surface gloss and balance of rigidity and toughness. Improve the heat deformation resistance of products, moderately shorten the molding cycle, and improve the transparency of polymers at low additions.

BX NA 20 nucleating agent is a rigid nucleating agent specially used to solve the warpage and shrinkage of polypropylene plastic products. In addition, the low warpage nucleating agent BX NA 20 can improve the flexural modulus (mechanical properties) and crystallization temperature (thermal properties) of polypropylene resin, reduce the haze (optical properties) of products, shorten the processing and molding cycle, etc. Propylene products provide excellent overall performance. Due to its unique properties, low warpage nucleating agent BX NA 20 is especially recommended for thin-walled injection molding, automotive interior and exterior decoration, small household appliances and other polypropylene products that have high requirements for warpage and shrinkage.

This product can be added to resin powder for the production of resin pellets, or used for prefabricated masterbatch, and can also be added to resin pellets for the production of various products. It is recommended to use high-speed stirring to make it uniform. The recommended dosage of this product is 0.03%-0.10%, and customers can determine the dosage according to actual production needs.

Handling and storage

BX NA 20 shall be stocked In a ventilated and dry environment, the shelf life is two years. 20 kg/ bag. Conditions of transport for non-hazardous products.

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