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Pigment Green 50

Pigment Green 50 is with good color strength and opacity, excellent resistance to weathering. Application includes different types of polymer.




Synonym name:C.I.Pigment Green 50, Cobalt green, P.G.50, PG 50, C.I.77377
CAS Number:68186-85-6
EU Number: 269-047-4
Chemical Family: Co/Ti/Ni/Zn-oxide

Physical Properties

Density 4.9 g/cm³
Bulk Density   0.9 g/cm³
Index of pH     8
Conductivity    75 µS/cm
Specific Surface   4 m²/g

Application Data
Fastness properties
Heat stability 320 °C
Light fastness 8
Weather fastness
Migration fastness 5
Infl. on warping of PE-HD No

Recommendations for applications

PVC-p Suitable
PVC-u Suitable
PUR Suitable
LD-PE Suitable
HD-PE Suitable
PP Suitable
PS Suitable
SB Suitable
SAN Suitable
ABS/ASA Suitable
PMMA Suitable
PC Suitable
PA Suitable
PETP Suitable
CA/CAB Suitable
UP Suitable

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