Optical brightener for plastics



Optical Brighteners

Introduction of optical brightener for plastics

Optical brightener brightening colors or mask yellowing by optically yield a brighter, fresher appearance. Optical brightener agent synonym name OBA which is also known as fluorescent whitening agent(FWA) or fluorescent brightening agent(FBA).

Typical optical brightener for plastics includes FP-127, KCB, KSN, OB, OB-1, as Table 1 below. Always pure powder, no reduction, and no filler.

Table 1 Optical brightener for plastic

NameEquivalent toCAS No.CI Number
BX OBA OBUvitex/Tinopal OB7128-64-5FBA 184
BX OBA OB-1Eastobrite OB-11533-45-5FBA 393
BX OBA KCBHostalux KCB5089-22-5FBA 367
BX OBA KSBTelalux KSB7128-54-5FBA 390
BX OBA KSNHostalux KSN5242-49-9FBA 368
  • optical brightener FP-127(fluorescent brightener 378). It’s suited for all kinds of PVC products, is highly effective, and is environment-friendly.
  • optical brightener KCB (fluorescent brightener 376). It’s used to replace Clariant Telalux KCB. KCB is especially suited for EVA products, highly effective and environment-friendly.
  • optical brightener KSN (fluorescent brightener 368). It’s used to replace Clariant Telalux KSN. KSN is especially suited for thermoplastics and engineering plastics with good weather resistance, highly effective, and also environment-friendly.
  • optical brightener OB (fluorescent brightener 184). It’s used to replace Ciba Uvitex OB and BASF Tinopal OB. OB is suited for all kinds of plastics with good light transmittance, and excellent weather resistance, also environment-friendly.
  • optical brightener OB-1(fluorescent brightener 393). It’s used to replace Eastman Eastobrite OB-1. OB-1 is suited for all kinds of plastics, effective, immigrant resistant, and environment-friendly.

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