Antioxidant, UV Absorber, OBAs and Pigments for PAN Fiber

PAN fiber is an abbreviation of Polyacrylonitrile fiber. Polyester, acrylic, and polyolefin dominate the synthetic fiber market. By volume, they account for approximately 98% of synthetic fiber production, with polyester alone making up more than 70%.

Features: poor abrasion and fatigue resistance, good weather resistance, good chemicals (Inorganic acid, peroxide) resistance.

Main Application: widely used in replacement of wool to make carpet, outdoor textile.


Antioxidant, UV absorber, Light Stabilizer for PAN fiber

Pigment For PAN Fiber

There are two methods for coloring PAN fiber spun-dyeing;

  1. The first is pigment resolve in the dispersion which needs pigment to be solvent resistance; the other is concentration which polyacrylonitrile as a binder, pigment compatibility with polyacrylonitrile resin.
  2. Pigment need to be acid and alkali resistant.
  3. Pigment provide light resistance for colored fiber.