BX Erucamide

Introduction – Erucamide Slip Usage

Erucamide is waxy solid. Its molecular structure contains one unsaturated double bond, which has a long carbon chain and polar acylamino. It does not dissolve in water, but it has certain solubility in organic solvents including ketone, ester, alcohol, ether, and benzene, good intermiscibility with resin, as well as excellent liquidity and surface activity. It also has a high fusion point and excellent thermostability, which is applicable to higher processing temperatures. It is a non-ionic surface-active agent with excellent properties, which are non-poisonous (FDA proof) and non-corrosion.

Chemical name

Erucic Amide, Erucamide, Erucic Acid Amide, cis-13-docosenamide, CAS no.112-84-5


BX Erucamide Product Form

BX Erucamide are available in powder, granules and beads form, as photo below


BX Erucamide Powder

BX Erucamide Granules

BX Erucamide Beads


Baoxu Croda Erucamide Compare Table

Item nameFormTypeEquivalent tooriginal
BX ErucamideBeads, PowerErucamideArmoslip E
Crodamide ER
BX OleamideBeads, PowerOleamideArmoslip CP
Crodamid VRX

Product Application

Erucamide is the optimal slipping agent, opening agent, and anti-blocking agent for thin film and resin including BOPP, PP, CPP, LLDPE, EVA, EEA, PVC, and PA;

  • lubricant for photographic material(coating);
  • opening agent for cigarette film;
  • anti-setting, anti-sticking, dispersing agent, and slipping agent for plastic table printing(compound) ink;
  • lubricant and dispersing agent for toner and color paste;
  • necessary good additive for functional masterbatch;
  • brightening, slipping, and release agent for shoe material and electric wire and cable;
  • slipping, brightening, and leveling agent for PE thermoplastic powder;
  • slipping, brightening, and antistatic agent for thermoplastic elastomer (TPE, TEO, TPU, PP fiber masterbatch, and PA fiber masterbatch).


Technical indicators HG/T 4232-2011
(1)   AppearanceSlightly yellow or white, powder or granular
(2)   Chromaticity (platinum-cobalt Hazen)<400
(3)   Acid value (mg KOH/g)<0.80
(4)   Melting range/C71-76
(5)   Lodine value range (gI2/100g)80-95
(6)   Moisture content/%<0.05
(7)   C18:1 Amide content (GC) /%>66.0
(7)   C18:2 Amide content (GC) /%<15.0
(9)     Active constituent content/%>95.0
(10)    Mechanical0.10mm to 0.20mm<8
medium/(unit/ 10g)0>0.20mm>0


Package, storage, and transportation

25 KG compound bag with plastic lining; non-dangerous goods and should be stored in shady and cool; sun protection and damp-proof during transportation.


Erucamide vs oleamide

The properties of erucamide are better than oleic acid amide, because erucic acid amide has better stable processing performance than oleic acid amide, and does not turn yellow and age. In addition, the precipitation of erucamide is slow, so the long-term friction coefficient of erucamide is lower than that of oleic amide.



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