LOMON BILLIONS BLR-699 Titanium Dioxide

LOMON BILLIONS BLR-699 Introduction

LOMON BILLIONSS BLR-699 pigment is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment, produced by the sulfate process, and designed to be suitable across a range of coatings and printing ink applications.

BILLIONS BLR-699 pigment has excellent all-around optical performance and is quickly dispersed in both water and solvent-based formulations. Its zirconia and alumina surface treatment provides it with excellent weathering performance, meaning that it has the flexibility of being suitable for both exterior and interior applications.

LOMON BILLIONS BLR-699 applications:

  •   Exterior architectural coatings
  •   Industrial coatings
  •   Interior architectural coatings
  •   Printing inks


ParameterValueTest Method
TiO2 content94.0%XRF
Inorganic coatingAlumina; Zirconia
Organic treatmentPresent
Moisture when packed*0.5% maxISO 787-2
Bulk density (tamped)1.1g/cm3ISO 787-11
Oil absorption17g/100gISO 787-5
pH7.9ISO 787-9
Specific gravity4.1g/cm3ISO 787-10
ISO 591 classificationR2
CAS number13463-67-7
Color indexPigment White 6

*Measured within 48 hours of production

Titanium Dioxide SAFETY

Good industrial hygiene practices should be used, generation of dust should be avoided. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet for more information about how this product should be handled.

Titanium Dioxide FOOD CONTACT

Customers should seek confirmation of compliance with specific regulations by contacting LB Group.

Titanium Dioxide STORAGE

This product should not be stored outside or exposed to temperature extremes or to moisture. To ensure optimum performance, it is recommended that the product is used on a first-in, first-out basis from receipt of shipment.

Titanium Dioxide PACKAGING

LB Group titanium dioxide pigments are available in 25kg bags and a range of flexible intermediate bulk containers.


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