Optical Brightener Agent


Synonym name:  Optical brighteners are sometimes called optical brightening agents (OBAs), fluorescent brightening agents (FBAs) or fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs).

How does optical brightener agent work?

Mechanism: Optical brighteners are colorless to weakly colored organic compounds. When present on a substrate, optical brighteners absorb primarily invisible ultraviolet light in the 300-400 nanometer (nm) range and re-emit in the visible violet-to-blue fluorescent light to yield a brighter, fresher appearance. They are designed to brighten colors or mask yellowing in plastics, lacquers, paints, inks, photo-processing solutions, and fibers.   What to know more? Click to view the Overall Introduction Of Optical Brightener including mechanism, testing and market information, and how to choose an optical brightener for different applications.

Optical brightener for plastics, cotton, detergent, paper

ProductSynonymsCAS NumberFeatures

Optical Brightener For Plastics

FP-127Uvitex FP40470-68-6best OBA for PVC products
KCBHostalux KCB5089-22-5OBA for plastics and lacquer, especially for EVA
KSBTelalux KSB7128-54-5OBA for transparent plastics recycled PE/PP
KSNHostalux KSN5242-49-9OBA For high-temperature plastics, 100% counter
OBUvitex OB, Tinopal OB7128-64-5universal plastic OBA, also for ink, coating
OB-1Eastobrite OB-11533-45-5universal plastic OBA,  green or yellow shade
PFFBA 1351041-00-5strong red shade

Optical Brightener For Textile

4BKFBA 11312768-91-1for cotton or with fabric blend, red or blue shade
ER-IFBA 19913001-39-3powder & liquid form, PE, PA, CA fiber, high-temperature whitening
ER-IIFBA 199:113001-38-2powder & liquid form, PE, PA, CA fiber, lower temperature whitening
EBFFBA 18512224-41-8

Optical Brightener For Detergent

CBS-XTinopal CBS-X27344-41-8for detergent, soap, washing

Optical Brightener For Paper

VBLFBA 8512224-16-7for paper, also for cotton, vinylon, nylon
BBUFBA 22016470-24-9Replace VBL