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Pigment Yellow 62, Fast Yellow WSR

Pigment Yellow 62 has semi-opaque mid shade. It is a versatile and economical choice for mid-performance. Comparable with Ciba Yellow WSR

P.Y.62 exhibits comparably low tint strength and suitable for light color plastics, better light and heat fastness than DCB pigments.

P.Y.62 exhibits considerable shrinkage of HDPE and in other partially crystalline polymers.

P.Y.62 is environmental and halogen-free, without harmful heavy metals and TCB, DCB, OD, could replace chrome yellow and PY 12/13/14/81/83, partly P.Y.180 in silicon rubber.


Synonym name: Fast Yellow WSR, C.I.Pigment Yellow 62, P.Y.62, PY 62, C.I.13940
Trade Name: C.I. Number: pigment yellow 62
CAS Number: 12286-66-7
EU Number: 235-558-4
Chemical Family: Monoazo salt
Chemical Structure:

Application Data

Heat Resistance In HDPE(Dark-1% Tio2, Light-Without Tio2)

Pigment yellow 62 heat resistance in hdpe baoxu chemical

HDPEHeat resistance260℃
Fastness to migration5/nt
Light Fastness FS/WR7/6
Weather Fastness FS/WRnt
Warpage in HDPElow
PVCFastness to migration5/nt
Light Fastness FS/WR7/6
Weather Fastness FS/WRnt
ApplicationPolyolefins (PP/HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE)
  • Suitable, ○ Limited suitability, – Not suitable, nt-Not tested *Specific information available on request


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