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UV stabilizers contains two types of light stabilizers: Ultraviolet Light Absorbers (UVA) and Hindered-Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS), used individually or as blends. UVA filters harmful UV light and help prevent color change and delamination of coatings, adhesives, and sealants. HALS trap free radicals once they are formed and are effective in retaining surface properties such as gloss and preventing cracking and chalking of paints. The combination of these two families is highly synergistic.

UV stabilizer product list

  • UV Absorber BP-3, BP-6,  P, 1130, 1164, 1157,  234, 326, 329, 360, 3638, 384-2,400, 531, 928, 99-2, 5050, 5060.
  • Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers 119, 292, 622, 765, 770, 783, 791, 944, 2020, 3808PP5, 3853PP5

UV Stabilizers for Plastic & Coating

NameCAS No.Features
UV Absorber
BX BP-1131-56-6Benzophenone Class UV Absorber For Polyolefins, PVC
BX BP-2131-55-5Benzophenone UV Stabilizer for Cosmetics
BX BP-3131-57-7Benzophenone UV Absorber for Cosmetics
BX BP-6131-54-4Benzophenone UV Absorber for Polyester Films.
BX BP-8131-53-3Benzophenone UV Absorber for Cosmetics Products
BX UV 157834-33-0UV Stabilizer for PET/PC Products.
BX UV P2440-22-4benzotriazole for a wide array of substrates, yellow powder
BX UV 1204221-80-1UV Absorber For PP & PE
BX UV 1130104810-48-2liquid benzotriazole for solvent and water-based coatings
BX UV 11642725-22-6triazine for nylon and engineering plastics, yellowish powder
BX UV 1577147315-50-2triazine with high performance and low volatility
BX UV 23470321-86-7benzotriazole with low volatility for high temperatures
BX UV 31223949-66-8Oxanilide BX UV absorber for PC, PVC, PA, white powder
BX UV 3203846-71-7benzotriazole for PVC, polyester, light yellow powder
BX UV 3263896-11-5benzotriazole with various plastics usage, light yellow powder
BX UV 3273864-99-1benzotriazole for plastic, coating, paint, light yellow powder
BX UV 32825973-55-1benzotriazole for plastic, coating, paint, light yellow powder
BX UV 3293147-75-9benzotriazole for plastic, coating, paint, light yellow powder
BX UV 360103597-45-1benzotriazole with very low volatility for acrylic resins, engineering plastics
BX UV 363818600-59-4UV Stabilizer for PET/PC
BX UV 384-2127519-17-9liquid benzotriazole for high-performance solvent & water-based coating
BX UV 400153519-44-9HPT for waterborne coating, white dispersion
BX UV 5311843-05-6benzophenone for PVC, EVA, PP, PE, light yellow powder
BX UV 571125304-04-3liquid benzotriazole for PUR, PVC, PS, SBS, SIS, TPE, TPU, UP
BX UV 92873936-91-1benzotriazole for high-performance solvent-based & powder coatings
BX UV 99-2127519-17-9 UV Absorber for Coatings & Plastics
Light Stabilizer
BX UV 111Blendpolyolefins (PP, PE), olefin copolymers
BX UV 119106990-43-6hindered amine light stabilizer for agricultural films, anti-pesticide and acid rain, light yellow granules
BX UV 12312957-67-1hindered amine light stabilizer for industrial and automotive coatings, light yellow liquid
BX UV 14463843-89-0automotive coatings, coil coatings, powder coating
BX UV 29241556-26-7/
hindered amine light stabilizer for various coatings, light yellow liquid
BX UV 290867845-93-6 Polyolefin plastic like PP and PE
BX UV 334682451-48-7PE/PP film, tape, injection
BX UV 3529193098-40-7PE/PP film, tape, injection & rotational molding
BX UV 4050124172-53-8light stabilizer for polymers
BX UV 5050127519-17-9UV Stabilizer Blend Specifically Designed For Coatings
BX UV 5050H152261-33-1 Light stabilizer polyolefins (PP, PE), olefin copolymers
BX UV 5060127519-17-9 UV Absorber for Solvent-Based Industrial And Decorative Coatings
BX UV 5151127519-17-9UV Stabilizers Blend For Coatings & Paints
BX UV 62265447-77-0high molecular weight HALS with excellent color, low basicity, yellow granules
BX UV 76541556-26-7/
liquid low molecular weight HALS in polyurethane
BX UV 77052829-07-9low molecular HALS, especially for thick-section applications
BX UV 78365447-77-0/
a synergistic blend of high molecular weight HALS
BX UV 79152829-07-9
a synergistic blend of high and low molecular weight HALS
BX UV 866BlendUV stabilizer for polyurethane
BX UV 94470624-18-9high molecular weight HALS, especially for thin section applications
BX UV 2020192268-64-7high molecular weight HALS, especially for tapes and monofilaments
UV BX 3808PP5167078-06-0light stabilizer for polyolefins, polypropylene, and TPO, waxy solid
BX UV 3853PP5167078-06-0light stabilizer for polyolefins, polypropylene, and TPO, waxy solid
BX UV B75BlendUV stabilizer for coatings
BX UV SEED42774-15-2multi-functional nylon additive


BASF & China UV Stabilizer Compare

Baoxu chemical UV stabilizers are min99% similar according to IR, over half of our domestic customers use our UV stabilizers as replacements of imports to have a competitive edge.

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UV 1130Tinuvin 1130Songsorb CS 1130
UV 1164Tinuvin 1164Cyasorb UV
UV 234Tinuvin 234Songsorb 2340Lowilite 234Uvinul 3034
UV 312Tinuvin 312SABO STAB
UV 312
UV 320Tinuvin 320
UV 326Tinuvin 326Songsorb 3260Lowilite 26Uvinul 3026
UV 327Tinuvin 327Songsorb 3270Lowilite 27Uvinul 3027
UV 328Tinuvin 328Songsorb 3280Lowilite 28Uvinul 3028
UV 329Tinuvin 329Songsorb 3290Lowilite 29Uvinul 3029
UV 360Tinuvin 360Songsorb 3600
UV 3808SABO STAB UV 91Cyasorb UV
UV 384-2Tinuvin 384-2Songsorb CS 384-2
UV 3853SABO STAB UV 91Cyasorb UV
UV 400Tinuvin 400Songsorb CS 400
UV 531Chimassorb 81Songsorb 8100Lowilite 22Uvinul 3008
UV 571Tinuvin 571
UV 928Tinuvin 928Songsorb CS 928
UV PTinuvin PSongsorb 1000Lowilite 55Uvinul 3033 P
HALS 119Chimassorb 119Songlight 1190Lowilite 19
HALS 123Tinuvin 123
HALS 292Tinuvin 765 (292)Songlight 2920Lowilite 92Uvinul 4092 H
HALS 622Tinuvin 622Songlight 6220Lowilite 62Uvinul 5062 H
HALS 770Tinuvin 770Songlight 7700Lowilite 77Uvinul 4077 H
HALS 783Tinuvin 783Lowilite 6294
HALS 791Tinuvin 791Lowilite 7794
HALS 944Chimassorb 944Songlight 9440Lowilite 94



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