Brominated Flame Retardants

Halogen flame retardant works in a gas phase and reacts with the radicals formed during the combustion. Chlorine and bromine are the only halogens used as FRs in synthetic plastic formulations since fluorine and iodine are unsuitable for this application. Brominated flame retardants (BFRs) are by far the most widely used FRs as they are more effective, cost less and have wider application. However, BFRs have been targeted as an environmental hazard by persistence and bio-accumulation, when heated they can also form toxic by-products including CO and smoke.

NameCAS No.Chemical nameFeature
TBBA79-94-7Tetrabromobisphenol ATBBA Is A Reactive Flame Retardant Used For Epoxy Resin, ABS, HIPS, etc.
Replace FR-1524, SAYTEX CP-2000, BA-59
TBBPA94334-64-2etrabromobisphenol A
Carbonate Oligomer
TBBPA is a brominated, Aromatic Flame Retardant Used In
PBT, PET, PET/PBT Blends. Replace FR-52, BC-52
DBDPO Is A High Bromine Content Fire Retardant Used In HIPS, PE, PP,
ABS, PBT, UPE, Epoxy, Nylon6, Textiles Etc. Replace FR-1210, DE-83, SAYTEX S-102
DBDPE is A High Bromine Content Flame Retardant for HIPS, PE, PP, ABS,
PBT, UPE, Epoxy. Replace FR-1410, SAYTEX 8010, Firemaster 2100
FR 24525716-60-42,4,6-tris 2,4,6-
tribomophenoxy1,3,5 triazine
FR 245 is a Brominated Cyanurate Flame Retardant,
Mainly Used Is ABS And HIPS.
FR 9332588-76-4Ethylene
Ethylenebistetrabromophthalimide is A White Color FR
With Good Thermal & UV Stability, Non‐Blooming. Replace Saytex BT 93

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