Antioxidant, UV Absorber, Pigments in Automotive Market

Various properties and low weight give plastics new development in automotive industry, 20% vehicles’ total weight was made up of plastics today.

Plastics are used in the interior, exterior and under the hood applications. The largest application is the interior area. Plastics are used for hard and soft surface parts, including instrument and door panels, consoles, pillars, seating and all kinds of trim.

For the exterior area of cars, plastics are used for bumpers, trims, fenders, and tailgates.etc.


Antioxidant, UV Absorber, Light Stabilizer in Automotive Market

One thing we shall bear in mind is choosing antioxidant / UV additives for automotive carefully. Cause exterior and interior parts always suffer harsh conditions including high or low temperature, high humidity, long time light exposure, etc.


Pigments in Automotive Paint

We refer to the pigment used in automotive paint (coating), as a high-grade decorative coating, high heat resistance, solvent resistance, quality stability from batch to batch, good dispersibility pigment and good outdoor weather resistance of pigment is required.

Organic pigment frequently used in automotive paint includes phthalocyanine, quinacridone, vat dyes, few metal complexation, heterocycle azo pigments.

Inorganic pigment frequently used in automotive paint includes lead chrome, iron dioxide, and few cadmium.


Red Pigments in Automotive Paint

For inorganic series, molybdate orange and surface treated cadmium, red iron dioxide are used in automotive.

For organic pigments, pigment red 178, pigment red 179, pigment red 224, pigment red 228, pigment red 177, pigment red 88 are often used.


Yellow and Orange Pigments in Automotive Paint

For inorganic series, lead chrome and yellow iron dioxide are used in automotive.

For organic yellow and orange pigments, pigment yellow 154, pigment orange 60, pigment yellow 109, pigment yellow 110, pigment yellow 173, pigment yellow 24, pigment yellow 108, pigment orange 43, pigment orange 51 are often used.

Pigment yellow 117,  pigment yellow 127, pigment yellow 153,  pigment yellow 151, pigment yellow 154, pigment orange 36 are selectively available for automotive.


Green Pigments in Automotive Paint

Phthalocyanine green is used for green colour automotive paint, to get deep green, led chrome yellow are used together to match color.


Blue and Violet Pigments for Automotive Paint

α copper Phthalocyanine blue can be used in automotive paint,  flocculation shall be avoided when using it. the surface treatment is needed to get a good dispersibility, liquidity, anti flocculation. Also, pigment blue 60 is used.

Purple color is not popular in automotive paint, pigment violet 19 and pigment violet 23 is available for choice in violet range.