BX NA 101 Nucleating Agent for PET/PBT


Chemical name: Nucleating agent BX NA 101

Synonym: Clariant Licomont NAV 101



BX NA 101 is used in a Nucleating Agent for PBT or PET to improve the nucleation effect, Shortening the crystallization time can greatly improve the demoulding efficiency.

It can improve the following performance:

 Shorten the molding cycle

 More conducive to mold filling

 Conducive to de-molding

 Extrusion or injection molded products have good dimensional stability

 Higher thermodynamic properties



Adding amount: Recommended adding amount: 0.6-0.9%

Active ingredient content: 100%

melting point: over 200°C

color: white or light yellow

Appearance: Free-flowing powder

Package: 15kg/bag


Application Data

Crystallization data of non-filled system BX NA 101 added to PET.

P1 Adding 0.5% nucleating agent BX NA 101 to PET increased the crystallization rate from 26.7% to 34.8%.

P2: Pure PET, DSC curve, crystallization temperature 199.66℃, melting temperature 256.23℃.

P3: PET+0.5%BX NA 101, DSC curve, crystallization temperature 226.38℃, melting temperature 255.86℃


Handling and storage

Nucleating agent BX NA 101 shall be stocked In a ventilated and dry environment, the shelf life is two years. 20 kg/ bag. Conditions of transport for non-hazardous products.

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