Sulfonate flame retardants

Introduction of Sulfonate flame retardants

Baoxu Sulfonate flame retardants include KSS FR, HES FR, and FR 2025 three products.

KSS FR is the potassium salt of a complex of diphenyl sulfone sulfonate and diphenyl sulfone sulfonate. HES FR is specifically designed for the most effective translucent and opaque PC. It is not intended for a transparent PC. FR 2025 is the best performance halogen-free flame retardant for Polycarbonate, as an analog to 3M FR-2025.


Baoxu Sulfonate flame retardants

Item NameCAS No.Equivalent to Form
BX FR HES63316-46-8HES-FRPowder
BX FR KSS63316-43-8KSS-FRPowder
BX FR 202529420-49-3FR-2025Powder


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