Heat Stabilizer BX AO H3336

Overview Introduction

CAS NO. None

Heat stabilizer BX AO H3336 is an efficient organic copper salt composite stabilizer that can effectively improve the long-term thermal oxidation aging performance of nylon products.

[Features and advantages]

 Can effectively improve the long-term thermal-oxidative aging performance of nylon products at 180°C or even higher temperature conditions.

 No color stain during processing and use.

 Non-volatile, non-precipitating, resistant to extraction.

 Applicable to E/E products: the relative tracking index (CTI) can reach more than 550.

 Easy to disperse.


Heat Stabilizer BX AO H3336 is suitable for most nylon products (PA6, PA66, PA11, PA12, copolymerized nylon), especially for E/E products. It can effectively improve long-term heat aging resistance, chemical corrosion and harsh climate conditions. The recommended addition amount is 0.5‰-1.5‰.

【Product specifications】

Appearance white powder

Effective content ≥ 98%

Volatile content ≤ 0.5%

【Operational Safety】

Should comply with chemical operating specifications, operate with caution, and avoid unnecessary contact. Avoid polluting the environment. Avoid dust and keep away from sources of fire.

[Storage Packaging]

Avoid high temperature and humidity when storing this product, and store it in a cool and ventilated place; packed in 25 kg kraft paper bags, lined with PE plastic bags.


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