Pigment, additive for paint & coating

Paint is a material that can be applied to the surface of objects with different construction techniques to form a firm adhesion. With a certain strength, continuous solid film. The film thus formed is called a coating film, also called a paint film or a layer.


Market of paint & coating

Segments of China’s recent years coating products are listed as follows;

in which water-based building coating 39%, solvent-based building coating 9%, industrial protective coating 10%, wood coating 9%, automotive coating 9%, powder coating 9%, marine coating 5%, coil coating 2%,  other coating 8%.


Usage of paint & coating

➢ Decoration effect
➢ Protection
➢ Sign effect
➢ Special role such as conductive, magnetically conductive coatings used in the electronics industry; aerospace coatings, temperature Controlled coatings; military camouflage and stealth coatings,


Composition of paint & coating

Coatings generally consist of four basic components: film-forming substances (such as acrylics, polyurethanes, epoxies, etc.), pigments (organic pigment, and inorganic pigments, etc.), solvents (propyl glycol, butyl glycol, isobutyl glycol), additives (leveling agents, film formers, anti-aging additives, etc.).
The basic composition of the paint
⚫ Additive; to improve certain effect
⚫ Solvent; Used to improve coatings ability, and help film forming, and pigment mixing transfer to the surface of the object.
⚫ Pigment; Mainly for covering and coloring effect. Also improves rheological properties, and down costs.

⚫ Film forming material; The main film forming material, Continuous in paint phase, leading role in coating.


Classification of paint & coating

➢ According to the form of the product, it can be divided into liquid coating and powder coating.
➢ according to coating dispersion medium: solvent-based coating, water-based coating (emulsion coating, water-soluble coating).

➢According to film-forming substances (natural resin paint, phenolic paint, alkyd paint, amino paint, nitro paint, epoxy) Paint, chlorinated rubber paint, acrylic paint, polyurethane paint, silicone resin paint, fluorocarbon resin paint, polysilicon paints, vinyl paints…)

➢According to the construction process, it can be divided into closed paint, putty, primer, second primer, topcoat, and varnish.


Baoxu pigment and additive for paint & coating

Pigment for paint & coating

In this portfolio, baoxu offers organic pigment, fluorescent dyes, titanium dioxide, and optical brighteners for paint and coating. Origin China, stable quality, only pure powder, without reduction or filler inside. These prodcut are used to replce brands like BASF, Clariant in Pigments and optical brightener. Dupont, Tronox in titanium dioxide. and Swada in fluorescent dyes.


Dispersing agent for paint & coating

Baoxu Chemical offers wetting and dispersing agents for paint, ink, and coating. For water-based, solvent-based, and solvent-free systems.To disperse organic pigment, organic pigment, carbon black filler. Analog to BYK.


Rheology modifier additive for paint & coating

Baoxu Chemical offers organic rheology modifier Additive for paint, and coating. For water-based, solvent-based systems. Anti-sagging, anti-settling function, Analog to BYK.


Leveling agent for paint & coating

Baoxu Chemical offers leveling agents for paint, and coating. For water-based, solvent-based, powder coating systems. Analog to BYK.


Antioxidant & UV Additive for paint & coating

Antioxidant 1010, 1076, 626, B215, B225, and B900 is widely used in coatings.  Also, we list the typical UV stabilizer additive for coatings, click on the product name to check details. View and Download UV Stabilizers for Coatings 

application/resin type/product name1130384-2928400292123
Car paintAcrylic/Acrylated  amine
Amino resins
Repair paintPolyurethane
Anti-corrosion paintPolyurethane
Alkyd resin
Wood paintNC resin
Polyurethane resin
Powder coatingPES resin     
Water-based paintAcrylic emulsion 
Polyurethane emulsion 

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