Antioxidant, UV Absorber, Pigments for Agriculture Plastics

Plastics in agriculture also refers to Plasticulture. Plasticulture application includes greenhouse covers, tunnel films, mulch films, silage bags, irrigation pipes, nettings, nonwovens, twines, and substrate/ hydroponic bags. In which greenhouse and mulch film account for almost 70% of the market.


Antioxidant and UV Additives for Agriculture Plastics

Hindered phenolic antioxidant 1076 is recommended for general LDPE film. For plastic agriculture plastics, Anti-oxidising additive varies. One thing we shall bear in mind is choosing antioxidant / UV additives carefully. Cause not only weather, geography, but also other chemicals like pesticide could affect antioxidant performances. High molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizer 783, 944 is recommended in plasticulture, sometimes together with UV absorber 531.

Market Material Antioxidant UV Absorber/

Light Stabilizer

Greenhouse With Filler of

Kaolin LDPE

1076 783 5% kaolin
Anti-aging LDPE / 944+531 The thicker, the better antiaging performance

Different manufacturers different performance

EVA film 531
Anti-aging,anti-fogging LDPE 944
Cd, low temperature resistance Anti-aging PVC UVA 24 Liquid Ba/Cd/Zn shows better than solid form
Cd free, Anti-aging PVC flim Liquid Ba/Zn good performance
Mulch Black LDPE 783 / 944 Carbon black
Cd, anti aging PVC 783 / 944 Carbon black
Cd free, anti-aging PVC 783 / 944 Liquid Ba/Zn good performance
Netting Anti-aging PE
Anti-aging PP
Fishing net Black HDPE Carbon black

MB-10 masterbatch


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