Flame Retardant for Polypropylene


FR PP V2 is a new low-halogen environment-friendly flame retardant  for polypropylene, with N, P, and Br for PP (UL94 V2).

Test past:

–UL94 V2 (1.5mm)

–GWIT 750℃

–GWFI 850℃

–The bromine content can be 900ppm max, which can meet non-halogen standard of IEC 61249-2-21.



Compared with bromine-based flame retardant, FR PP V2 has the advantages of low dosage, low bromine content, no migration, and no need for Sb2O3, etc.


Especially for electronic appliance sockets, electronic appliance structures, and motor parts,etc.


ItemsUnitFR PP V2
AppearanceWhite Powder
Densityg/cm3About 1.7
Phosphorous Content%20% min
Bromine Content%5% max
Water%0.5 max
Average Particle SizeμmAbout 6


Recommended Dosage:

Resin TypeHomo PPCopo PP
MH-4802P      1-1.22-3
Mineral Filling   %10 max10 max
Flame Retardancy UL94V2V2
Flame Retardancy GWIT(750℃)PassPass

Package and Storage:

20kgs or 25kgs kraft bag with double PE inner. By customer’s requirements. Handle with care, keep air-tight and dry.