Flame Retardant for Nylon



Flame Retardant for Nylon FR PA V0 is a nitrogen/ phosphorus halogen-free eco-friendly flame retardant, specially designed for glass fiber PA6, PA66, The flame retardant level reaches UL94 V0(1.5mm), and passes 850℃ glowing filament test, meets the RoHS requirement, also it’s product has low density, low smoke,low mold corrosion, good electric performance.



Flame Retardant for Nylon FR PA V0 is designed for polyamide Glass fiber-reinforced nylon products, such as electrical tools.



AppearanceWhite powder
Density  g/cm31.4
Nitrogen content %~30
Phosphorus content%~15
Decompose temperature℃≥330
Water content%≤0.5
average particle size μm~10


Package and Storage:

25kg/package. Transported like common chemicals. Keep in a dry, cool place, and avoid direct sunlight.