Antioxidant, UV Absorber, Pigment for TPO

TPO is abbreviation thermoplastic olefin or olefinic thermoplastic elastomers which refer to polymer/filler blends usually consisting of some fraction of a thermoplastic, an elastomer or rubber, and usually a filler.

Key Features: application temperature -60℃ to 135℃, ultraviolet and ozone resistance, excellent anti-aging, low density, chemicals resistance, environment-friendly.

Main Applications: TPO is widely used in roofing in construction, also in automotive.


Antioxidant, UV Absorber, Light Stabilizer (HALS) for TPO

MaterialApplicationAntioxidantsUV Absorber/HALSRemark
TPOroofing, automotive,etc.3052+168//


Organic Pigment for EPDM (please click on the title)


Things to Know When Choosing Pigments for EPDM 

①Good dispersion, high tinting strength, high hiding powder in rubber,

②Heat resistance, no color changing in BR processing,

③Resistance to vulcanization,

④Weather fastness, especially for outdoor usage rubber products in construction and building industry

⑤Good resistance to chemicals, to acid, to alkali, and to water

⑥Migrate resistance, no bleeding or blooming.

⑦Does not affect anti-aging properties of rubber products

⑧Non toxic substances contented