BX Silicone Masterbatch


Silicone masterbatch is pellets with 40 to 50% ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer dispersed in plastic like PE, PP, EVA, etc, Silicone masterbatches are wildly used in elastomers like SBES, SBS, TPE, TPU, and other plastics like PP, PE, PA, etc.

Features and Benefits

  • Improved processing and flow
  • Better mold release
  • Reduced extruder torque
  • Faster output
  • Internal lubrication
  • Improved dispersion of fillers
  • Best energy saving
  • Less immigration

Silicone Masterbatch specs & compare table

Grade Equal to
Appearance Silicone Content% Carrier Dosage Application
BX SMB-01 MB50-002 White Pellet 50% LDPE 0.5 〜5% PP, PE, PA
BX SMB-02 MB50-320 White Pellet 50% EVA 0.5 〜5% PVC, EVA, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE
BX SMB-04 MB50-314 White Pellet 50% HDPE 0.5 〜5% PP, HDPE
BX SMB-05 MB50-007 White Pellet 50% ABS 0.5 〜5% ABS, PC/ABS…
BX SMB-06 MB50-001 White Pellet 50% PP 0.5 〜5% PP, TPE
BX SMB-07 MB50-011 White Pellet 40% PA 0.5 〜5% PA6, PA66
BX SMB-08 MB50-010 White Pellet 40% PET 0.5 〜5% PET
BX SMB-09 MB50-017 White Pellet 50% TPU 0.5 〜5% TPU
BX SMB-10 MB50-004 White Pellet 50% HIPS 0.5 〜5% HIPS, ABS, SAN, SEBS
BX SMB-11 MB40-006 White Pellet 40% POM 0.5 〜5% POM
BX SMB-12 MB50-001 White Pellet 50% LLDPE 0.5 〜5% PE, PP



25kgs per bag, 500kgs per pallet.


Silicone Masterbatch is Non-dangerous goods, 24 months at dry condition, room temperature.

Sample and Inquiry

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