Pigment Red 264


Pigment Red 264 is a bluish pigment red, which is mainly used in high-grade coatings and plastics with high transparency. It has excellent fastness and is suitable for outdoor applications.

PR264 has excellent heat resistance but is reduced with the addition of titanium dioxide. It can be used for coloring styrene engineering plastics in addition to polyvinyl chloride, general polyolefin plastic coloring.

Its migration resistance is of 5 grades in soft polyvinyl chloride;

Pigment Red 264 is used in HDPE without affecting the warpage of the plastic.


Chemical parameter
The index number PR-264
CAS number 88949-33-1
CI structure number 561300
EC registration number
Chemical category Pyridopyrrolidone (DPP)
Hue Blu-ray red
Molecular mass 440.49
Molecular formula C30H20N2O2
Pigment performance
Heat resistance 300°C
Lightfastness Level 8
Acid resistance Level 5
Alkali resistance Level 5
Oil absorption 45
Solvent resistance Level 5
Migration resistance Level 5
Occlusion Transparent type


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