Flame Retardant BC‐58


Product Name: Carbonate oligomer of Tetrabromobisphenol A

Equivalent Name: Chemtura BC‐58

Cas No. : 71342‐77‐3

Chemical Structure:

tbbpa chemical structure baoxu chemical


TBBPA is a brominated, aromatic flame retardant used in PBT, PET, PET/PBT blends, PC, ABS, ABS/PC blends, Polysulfone, and SAN. The UV stability of it allows it to be formulated for applications subjected to indoor fluorescent and casual outdoor sunlight exposure. Its high purity allows it to use in applications requiring excellent electrical and thermal properties.


  • Brominated, aromatic flame retardant for thermoplastic resin systems.
  • Offers excellent thermal stability, ultraviolet, and color stability in the final part.

Typical Properties

Appearance white powder

Content of Br % 58 app

Whiteness 95 min

Melting point °C 210-250

Volatile(125°C,2h) % 0.1 max


5% weight loss 380°C

10% weight loss 423°C

50% weight loss 475°C

These properties are typical but do not constitute a specification either in part or as a whole. Specification data is available on request from sales, customer service or customer technical service.


Transportation classification: No regulation for transportation.

Packing: 25kg/bag; 1mt/pallet; 20mt/20’FCL.


TDS / MSDS Download

flame retardant TBBPA cas 94334-64-2 tds baoxu chemical

flame retardant TBBPA cas 94334-64-2 msds baoxu chemical