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Pigment Red 208, Clariant Red HF2B

Pigment Red 208 belongs to the benzimidazolone red group and is with excellent dielectric properties. Comparable with Clariant HF2B.

P.R.208 is halogen-free and the standard bluish red pigment for PU and flexible PVC coloration.

Pigment blends with compounds such as P.Y.83 or with carbon black are frequently employed to produce shades of brown.

Good dielectric properties make the pigment a suitable candidate for use in PVC cable insulations.


Synonym name: Fast Red HF2B, C.I.Pigment Red 208, P.R.208, PR 208, C.I.12514, red hf2b
CAS Number: 31778-10-6
EU Number: 250-800-0
Chemical Family: Benzimidazole
Chemical Structure

pigment-red-208-CAS 31778-10-6-chemical-structure-baoxu-chemical

Application Data

Heat Resistance In HDPE

HDPE Heat resistance 270
Fastness to migration 5/nt
Light Fastness FS/WR 7/6
Weather Fastness FS/WR nt
Warpage in HDPE high
PVC Fastness to migration 4/nt
Light Fastness FS/WR 7/6
Weather Fastness FS/WR 4/nt
Application Polyolefins (PP/HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE)
  • Suitable, ○ Limited suitability, – Not suitable, nt-Not tested *Specific information available on request


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