Pigment Yellow 109


Pigment Yellow 109 is pure green shade yellow, heat resistance up to 300 °C, excellent heat and light resistance, but fail to long-term exposure in hard PVC.

Except for general-purpose polyolefin coloring, Pigment Yellow 109 can also be used for coloring styrene engineering plastics. It is suitable for pre-spinning of polypropylene, spinning, and suitable for outdoor applications.

For high-grade industrial coatings, such as automotive coatings (OEM). It is especially suitable for color matching with inorganic pigments, to obtain very deep colors, original light (5%) lightfastness 6~7 grade, Tio2 light color fastness 7~8 grade.


Chemical parameter
The index numberPY-109
CAS number5045-40-9
CI structure number56284
EC registration number225-744-5
Chemical categoryIsoindolinone
HueGreenish yellow
Molecular mass655.96
Molecular formulaC23H8Cl8N4O2
Pigment performance
OcclusionTransparent type
Particle shapeacicular


pigment solvent dyes brochure baoxu chemical 2019

pigment solvent dyes brochure baoxu chemical 2019