Laser Making Additives

Principle of Laser Marking(Engraving)

A pulsed laser beam of high energy is generated by laser generators. Laser marking additives make the light convert into heat energy when the beam acting on the materials is marked. At the same time, their surface is melted, discolored or even gasified, thereby forming a mark. Laser marking is also known as laser engraving, laser carving.

Features of Laser marking Additive

  • Non-contact processing;
  • High precision, fast, high legibility, reliability;
  • Forming High-resolution marks;
  • Environment-friendly;
  • Easy to use, strong security features;
  • Strong traceability of products;
  • High-speed automatic processing can be achieved;
  • The overall production cost of individual parts is far less than that of printing traditional inks.

Laser marking Additive Application

Laser marking additive is suitable to apply to mark the dark color on the light-colored plastics, elastomers, and rubbers including PP、PE、ABS、PA6、PA66、PS、PBT、PET、POM、SEBS、TPU、TPE, and so on.

Baoxu Laser marking Additive

itemAppearanceequal to MerckDosage
BX laser 8208MasterbatchIriotec 82080.5-3%
BX laser 8825PowderIriotec 88251-2%

BX laser can marking different colors on different color plastics.

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