BX Antistatic Agent

Introduction – What is Antistatic

The purpose of using antistatic agents in polymers is to reduce the static electricity build-up. Thus avoid dust attraction, film sticking as well as safe spark-free handling of the plastic articles. They are used in polyolefin polymerization processes to reduce static

build-up inside different reactor systems, also plastics like BOPP film, PVC, PP, PE, ABS, PS, and PET. In agriculture, packing, and petrochemical applications.

Antistatic Product Form

  1. Liquid
  2. Pellet
  3. Masterbatch
  4. Paste
  5. Powder

Specifications – Antistatic Additives for Polymer, Plastic

Item name Description Form Compare as
BX ATA 129 Glyceride white powder Atmer 129
BX ATA 163 Ethylamine oxide liquid Atmer 163
BX ATA 1800 Ethoxylated amine white solid Armostat 1800
BX ATA 300 Ethoxylated amine yellow paste Armostat 300
BX ATA 400 Ethoxylated amine slight yellow solid Armostat 400
BX ATA 600 Ethoxylated amine white solid Armostat 600
BX ATA 93 Sodium alkyl sulfate light yellow pellets HOSTAPUR SAS 93



Varies due to product forms


Things to know regarding antistatic agent

  • Humidity: Irrespective of the additive used, humidity has an impact on anti-static performance. At low humidity (<30% RH), the anti-static performance will start to deteriorate rapidly as there is not enough water in the atmosphere to easily form a conductive film with the anti-static on the surface.
  • Presence of other additives: The performance of anti-static additives can be affected by both inorganic fillers and pigments which may adsorb the additive onto their surface, restricting migration of additive to the surface. Other migratory additives such as slip and anti-fog may also compete at the surface and reduce the anti-static effect. It is important to trial the additive system in a formulation representative of the final application, as addition levels may need to be adjusted to give the correct balance of properties in the end product or application.
  • Other process variables which may affect anti-static performance are corona treatment, high winding tension, and laminated film layers. All of these variables can impact the migration properties of additives reducing the capability of the additive to perform.


BX antistatic agent shelf life is 1-2 years in cool and dry conditions.

Sample and Inquiry

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