Halogen Free Polypropylene Flame Retardant FR PP V0 GWFI


FR PP V0 GWFI is a halogen-free environment-friendly flame retardant with N and P for polyolefin. Especially for PP products, and can be used in other polyolefin products as well.

Test past:

–UL94 V0 (0.75mm)

–70℃×168hrs water-immersion (UL746C)

–GWIT 750℃

–GWFI 960℃

–free from the restrictions of RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC approved by the EU and the Council



Low density, Lower smoke generation, Less mold corrosion.


All kinds of fire-resistant Polyolefin plastics, such as warm air blowers, brackets of microwave ovens, wind wheels, strips and so on.


ItemsUnitFR PP V0 GWFI
AppearanceWhite Powder
Phosphorous Content%21.5-23.5
Nitrogen Content%16.0-18.0
Water%0.5 max
Water Solubilityg/100ml0.6 max
Average Particle Size(D50) μm10~15
Decomposition Temperature250 min


Recommended Dosage:


(sheet thickness)

HOMO PP28%V-0 (1.5mm)30%GWIT 750℃ (3.0mm);

GWFI 960℃ (3.0mm)

32%V-0 (0.75mm)
COPO PP28%V-0 (1.5mm)30%GWIT 750℃ (3.0mm);

GWFI 960℃ (3.0mm)

32%V-0 (0.75mm)

Package and Storage:

Package: 25kg kraft bag with plastic lining.

Handle with care, and keep air-tight and dry.