TCPP Tris(2‐Chloropropyl) Phosphate


Product Name : Tris(2‐Chloropropyl) Phosphate(TCPP)

Equivalent Name: Clariant TCPP; Bayer Levagard PP; Aceto TCPP

Cas No. : 13674‐84‐5

Molecular Weight: 327.57



TCPP Flame Retardant is used in the production of acetate fiber, polyvinyl‐chloride, PU foams, EVA, and phenolics materials. Except flame retarding, it can also promote moisture resisting, low-temperature resisting, the capability of antistatic, and the softness of the materials.


  • Low-cost chlorine and phosphorous-based flame retardant.
  • Best hydrolysis stability among currently available phosphates flame retardant.
  • Does not dissolve in water, dissolves in most organic solvents, and has good compatibility with resins.

Typical Properties

AppearancePale yellow transparent Liquid

Color (APHA) 50 max

Acid Value (mg KOH/g) 01max

Water content %01 max

Viscosity (25°C, mPa∙s) 60 ‐ 70

Specific gravity(20°C ) 1285 – 1295

P content %90 – 98

Cl content %32 – 328



1% weight loss 110°C

5% weight loss 172°C

10% weight loss 208°C

These properties are typical but do not constitute a specification either in part or as a whole. Specification data is available on request from sales, customer service or customer technical service.


Transportation classification: No regulation for transportation.

a). In Drum of 250kg net weight, 4 drums/pallet. wrap &strap. 20mt/20’fcl.

b).in IBC of 1.25mt net weight. 20mt/20’fcl.

c). in Isotank of 25mt net weight.


TDS / MSDS Download

flame retardant TCPP Tris(chloropropyl) phosphate 13674-84-5 tds baoxu chemical

flame retardant TCPP Tris(chloropropyl) phosphate 13674-84-5 msds baoxu chemical