Anti Blocking Agent


Anti-blocking agents act to reduce the CoF between film layers and are therefore essential additives in the production of plastic LDPE and other films. They can be broadly separated into organic and inorganic additives, and they are often used synergistically.

Product Form

Anti-block agents can be both in powder and masterbatches form, for end users, masterbatches form is easier for processing.


Blown film of PP/PE;
Cast film of CPP/CPE;
Masterbatch of PET

Types of Anti-blocking Agents 

Erucamide and Oleamide are the most common anti-blocking agents for film, in fine granules or in masterbatches form. Moreover, Gas silicone also known as Fumed Silica is frequently used as an inorganic anti-blocking agent. In the Silicon product group, Baoxu Chemical offers silicon slip agent masterbatch Silicon PE MB, Silicon PP MB.  These two types of anti-blocking agents can be used alone or together to achieve a better anti-blocking effect.

BX Anti-blocking & Slip Agents 

FunctionItem nameTypeProduct Form
Anti Blocking & Anti SlipBX ErucamideErucamidePowder or Masterbatch
Anti Blocking & Anti SlipBX Oleamide OleamidePowder or Masterbatch
Anti Blocking & Anti SlipBX Silicone PE MBSiliconPowder or Masterbatch
Anti Blocking & Anti SlipBX Silicone PP MBSiliconPowder or Masterbatch

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