Pigment Yellow 183, BASF K1800 / K2270


Pigment Yellow 183 corresponds to BASF K1800 (formerly K2270), in line with FDA, thermal stability up to 300 °C in HDPE can be used to replace deep chrome yellow.

PY183 is a mono-azo calcium salt lake with relatively low tinting strength, but excellent heat resistance even at low concentrations. It has good lightfastness, excellent migration resistance, and solvent resistance, and is mainly used for plastic coloring and coating. It is especially suitable for HDPE coloring. In the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) coloring process of 1/3 standard depth, its thermal stability can reach 300 °C, and there is no dimensional change, and the light fastness is 7-8.

Since the heat resistance is also good at low concentrations, it is suitable for color matching of light colors.

The original color of Pigment Yellow 183 can meet the requirements of long-term exposure outdoors.

In addition to being suitable for general polyolefin coloring, Pigment Yellow 183 can also be used for coloring styrenic engineering plastics.

1: It is used for plastics that need high-temperature processing, such as HDPE, PP, ABS, etc., in PC processing, up to 330 °C thermal stability.

2: Excellent resistance to migration in soft PVC, and does not migrate even at low concentrations (0.005%) where PY-81/83 is not resistant to migration.

3: At low concentration, heat resistance/light resistance/migration resistance are maintained at a certain level, which is suitable for a small amount of color tone and does not cause deviation of color light.

4: Environmentally-friendly pigments that do not contain harmful heavy metals (hexavalent chromium, antimony), can replace chrome yellow, especially for light-resistant, high-temperature coatings, such as road paint, metal paint, etc.

5: It does not contain environmentally-friendly pigments that support azo (TCB, DCB, OD) raw materials, and replaces azo pigments such as general PY12/13/14/81/83.

6: Superior cost performance, can replace high-grade macromolecular yellow, benzimidazole yellow, isoporphyrin yellow, nickel acid yellow, etc. to reduce costs.


Chemical parameter
The index numberPY-183
CAS number65212-77-3
CI structure number18792
EC registration number265-634-4
Chemical categoryMonoazo calcium salt lake
HueRed light yellow
Molecular mass545.40
Molecular formulaCi6HioCl2N4o7S2Ca
Pigment performance
Heat resistance300°C
Lightfastness7 to 8
Acid resistanceLevel 5
Alkali resistanceLevel 5
Oil absorption45
Solvent resistanceLevel 5
Resistance to migrationLevel 5
Halogen content (%0)130


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