antioxidant, UV stabilizer for adhesives & sealants

Adhesives & Sealants Introduction

Adhesives and sealants are vital products in many key industries. Their applications range from paper, packaging, wood and flooring adhesives to wind power and the automotive sector. Main applications as follows;

Automotive Adhesives
Construction Adhesives
Construction Sealants
Consumer Adhesives
Wood & Furniture
Industrial Adhesives
Paper & Packaging

The typical use of antioxidants, UV stabilizers in adhesives and sealant

Here we list the typical usage of antioxidant, UV stabilizer for adhesives and sealants. For Adhesives and sealants, hindered phenolic antioxidant 1010 or 1076 is suggested for processing and long-term stability. UV absorber p, light stabilizer 770 used individually or together to achieve a synergetic effect. Please click on product name to check details and chat with our human online sales if any questions.

SISHotmelt adhesive; pressure sensitive;  adhesive;1076/1010 0.1-0.5%UV P+770 for Hotmelt adhesive;

213 / 770

pressure sensitive adhesive;

213 / 770

SBSSole, tar regulator1076/1010 0.1-0.5%UV P

adhesive 1010+626+136

PURForm, RIM, coating, adhesive, fiber


1076+5057 Aromatic amines<0.05%


leather, elastomer, textile, sole, adhesive,

fiber need UV absorber,

Sole: UV P+770 +1010

Film: 770 +UV P

Color strain mechanical property

gas yellowing