PE Impact Modifier BX CA PE Grafted Maleic Anhydride


PE1 is a chemical reaction method to connect maleic anhydride molecules on the linear low-density polyethylene molecular chain, so that the polyethylene end has the reactivity and strong polarity of maleic anhydride polar molecules, so it can improve the interface affinity of polyolefin substrate and metal powder, glass fiber, wood powder, mineral powder, starch and other inorganic substances, so as to enhance the strength of composite materials, often used as a compatibilizer for polyolefin materials. When this product is used in LSZH flame retardant cable materials, it can improve the compatibility and adhesion of the interface between polyolefin matrix and inorganic flame retardants. Improve the dispersion and compatibility of magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide, so as to maximize the flame retardancy of cable materials, reduce smoke index, smoke volume, calorific value and carbon monoxide generation, improve oxygen index, improve dripping performance, etc., and improve the mechanical properties of materials. This product can also be used as a surface improver for extruded sheets or extruded sheets, which can effectively improve the surface flatness of sheets or plates and eliminate unevenness and pockmarks on the surface of materials.


maleic anhydride grafted polyethylene;

polyethylene grafted maleic anhydride




The reaction principle of PP grafted maleic anhydride with glass fiber

The surface of glass fibers carries active amino groups after surface coupling agent treatment, and when the maleic anhydride group encounters amino molecules, the maleic anhydride ring molecular chain is disconnected to the amino molecules and forms water molecules. This reaction links the molecular chain of maleic anhydride to the glass fiber, so it plays a compatible role.

PE Grafted Maleic Anhydride Application

1. It can be used as a low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable material compatibilizer;
2. It can be used as a surface improver for extruded sheets/plates, which can effectively improve the surface flatness of the material and eliminate the bumps and pockmarks on the surface of the material;
3. It can be used as a compatibilizer for polyethylene and glass fiber to promote the compatibility of polyethylene and glass fiber;
4. It can be used as a compatibilizer for masterbatches with PE as the carrier, such as masterbatches, flame retardant masterbatches, functional masterbatches, etc.;
5. It can be used as an extension anti-fog period modifier for anti-fog mulch film.


The following data is derived from the average value of product retention sample testing within half a year, and this data is updated every six months. The grafting rate standard is: <0.4% low; Medium 0.4%-0.8%; ≥0.8% high.

Test the projectTest dataDetection method
density0.92 g/cm³ASTM D792  ISO 1183
melting point105℃(221℉)ASTM D3418  ISO 3146
Melting fingers1-4(190℃,2.16kg)g/10minASTM D1238  ISO 1133
Grafting ratehighAcid-base titration

25kg per bag.

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