Pigment Red 144

Pigment Red 144 equivalent to BASF K3890 (formerly Ciba BRN Red), is very resistant to migration, has excellent lightfastness and heat resistance up to 300 °C. Mainly used for plastic and ink coloring, for polystyrene, polyurethane, polypropylene paste coloring, high specific surface area form can be used for high-grade ink, varnish and sterilization, for metal decoration Ink, also used in architectural decorative coatings.

PR144 has a heat resistance of up to 300 ° C / 5 min in 1/3 standard depth HDPE, and the color and dilution are the same. It should be noted that it has a great influence on the shrinkage of the plastic in HDPE.

Red 144 is excellent in light resistance, but the weather resistance of dilute is not ideal, and the product cannot be used in places where it is required to be placed outdoors for a long time.

It can be used in the food packaging industry through China GB9685-2008 certification.

PR144 is suitable for pre-spinning of polypropylene.  In addition to coloring polyvinyl chloride and general-purpose polyolefins, and can also be used for coloring styrenic engineering plastics, very resistant to migration in soft polyvinyl chloride.


Chemical parameter
The index number PR-144
CAS number 5280-78-4
CI structure number 20735
EC registration number 226-106-9
Chemical category Azo condensation
Hue Medium red microstrip blue light
Molecular mass 828.94
Molecular formula C40H23CI5N6O4
Pigment performance
Heat resistance 300°C
Lightfastness 7 to 8
Acid resistance 3 to 4
Alkali resistance Level 5
Oil absorption 55
Solvent resistance Level 3
Migration resistance Level 5
Occlusion Translucent
Particle shape acicular
Halogen content (%0)


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