Flame Retardant for polyethylene

Flame Retardant for polyethylene Advantages:

Environment-Friendly, Simplify the production technology process.

Reduce the production cost, Avoid dust, and Improve the working environment.

Improve the production capacity, Good dispersity, Better fire-resistant effect, High thermostability, Can process repeatedly without the influence of mechanical property.



Flame Retardant MB for polyethylene FR LDPE MB is Mainly used for PE spinning, corrugated pipe, film, etc.


AppearanceWhite or Light Yellow Granule
Main Content50% min
Melting Point300℃ min
 Moisture0.2% max
Recommended Dosage12-15%


The Melt Index of the LDPE carrier is 1.5g/10min

The added quantity can be adjusted according to the thickness of the film. The recommended dosage is 12-15%.

Package and Storage:

20kgs or 25kgs kraft bag with double PE inner. By customer’s requirements. Handle with care, and keep air-tight and dry.