LDPE Flame Retardant Masterbatch FR LDPE MB


Environment-Friendly, Simplify the production technology process.

Reduce the production cost, Avoid dust, and Improve the working environment.

Improve the production capacity, Good dispersity, Better fire-resistant effect, High thermostability, Can process repeatedly without the influence of mechanical property.



Mainly used for PE spinning, corrugated pipe, film, etc.


AppearanceWhite or Light Yellow Granule
Main Content50% min
Melting Point300℃ min
 Moisture0.2% max
Recommended Dosage12-15%


The Melt Index of the LDPE carrier is 1.5g/10min

The added quantity can be adjusted according to the thickness of the film. The recommendation dosage is 12-15%.

Package and Storage:

20kgs or 25kgs kraft bag with double PE inner. By customer’s requirements. Handle with care, keep air-tight and dry.