BX FR 102 cyclic phosphonate


Product Name: BX FR 102
Chemical Name: organic cyclic phosphonate flame retardant,

analog to: Antiblaze 1045/CT, Amgard CT

BX 102 is a cyclic phosphonate compound, its application fields include: flame retardant of furniture and decorative textiles, flame retardant of automotive textiles, flame retardant of toy textiles, suitable for impregnation and coating flame retardant finishing process, Engineering plastics such as thermoplastic polyester and nylon are flame retardants



Appearance Colorless or slightly yellow viscous transparent liquid
PH value 1.5-3.5(can be adjusted)
Density g/cm3 1.25-1.27
Acid value 0.1mg/g
Phosphorus content 20-21%

Moisture % < 0.5



1. cyclic phosphonate is an ideal flame-retardant agent for polyester (polyester) textiles and fabrics. It has excellent flame retardant performance and durability. The flame retardant effect of textiles treated with its flame retardant can still maintain a good flame retardant effect after 50 times of regular washing.
2. There is no yellowing phenomenon in the polyester fabric after the product is finished.
3. The product does not contain halogens and heavy metals and meets the environmental protection requirements of developed countries such as Europe.
4. After the flame retardant finishing of the product, the hand feeling and durability of the fabric will not be affected.
5. The product has good light and heat stability and is suitable for fabrics with high appearance requirements such as decoration.
6. BX fr 102 flame retardant polyester, nylon and other engineering plastics are ideal flame retardants for halogen-free flame retardant, which can reach UL94 V-0 level.


70kg/ drum, packed in polyethylene drums or according to user requirements, transported as general liquid chemicals, do not turn upside down during transportation and storage


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